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Ducket – Motorcycle gloves. Gloves that will make riding a motorcycle much more comfortable. You don’t have to take them off when using your phone, because these gloves are touch screen sensitive! Materials: 57% polyester, 27% PVC, 5% PU, 5% SBR, 3% stainless steel, 3% microfiber. Gloves that will make riding a motorcycle much more comfortable.. Without discomfort and calluses on the hands. Forget about all the hand discomfort you had while driving. The high-quality material offers a fantastic grip. Effectively absorbs impact, relieves discomfort and fatigue.. Answer important calls without taking off your gloves. You don’t have to take off your gloves every time you want to answer a text or take a call. These gloves are compatible with a fingertip touch screen.. Sweaty hands are a thing of the past. Hands stay at the perfect temperature thanks to breathable materials and excellent ventilation. No more sweaty hands and discomfort.. Have better control of your motorcycle. These gloves are designed to increase grip on the handlebars. This guarantees better control and better riding of the motorcycle.. Excellent hand protection in case of falls. These gloves will protect your hands and wrists in case of any accidental fall from the motorcycle. The reinforced hard top layer and palm protection pad will protect your hands from scratches and injuries.. Description: A pair of motorcycle gloves.. Materials: 57% Polyester, 27% PVC, 5% PU, 5% SBR, 3% Stainless Steel, 3 % microfiber. Color: black, blue, red. Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL.

Paket če vam dostaviti Hrvatska pošta. Ako u vrijeme dostave ne budete na odabranoj adresi, paket možete preuzeti sami na pošti. Plaćanje je moguće gotovinom. Paket možete pratiti